Being a parent is a constant learning experience. Anyone who has children will tell you it is the most difficult, yet the most rewarding aspect of life. We all know that even with the challenges we would not change a minute of it! The same way we teach our children, everyday they teach us something new! We decided to pay tribute to the little ones in our lives by putting together a list of 10 things that we can learn from them! 

1. Laugh.

2. Be grateful.

3. Never give up!

4. Is okay not to be perfect all the time! 

5. Set a good example.

6. Live in the present moment! Family time is the most precious time*

7. Love yourself and others.

8. Scars are badges of honor! 

9. Forgive.

10. Be active. Have fun! 


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October 05, 2018 — Stephanie Piquer